Cold allergy? Symptoms, causes and treatments

Now we have entered the beginning of December, meaning that the rainy season will soon arrive, along with the temperature around it will be cooler than usual. Now, when the surrounding temperature gets colder, the human body will naturally react, some will show normal reactions, others will sometimes show excessive reactions.

When someone finds an excessive reaction when winter arrives, it could be that the person does have a cold allergy. Cold allergy is a condition where someone will experience allergies if exposed to cold exposure, whether it comes from water or cold air. Usually, what is seen is a reddish skin reaction after a few minutes of exposure to cold.

Maybe some of you see it as a normal thing, even though there are causes and ways to treat it. But before that, let us first know the symptoms of this cold allergy.


Actually, the symptoms of Cold Allergy are relatively different, each person has a different reaction. There are symptoms that cause cold allergies that tend to be mild, but not a few also show severe reactions such as decreased blood pressure, shortness of breath and even fainting. As for other symptoms such as swollen hands when in contact with cold objects, many bumps appear on the skin due to itching, until the skin becomes reddish in some parts.


Actually, the cause of this cold allergy can be due to several factors, including weather that is too cold and moist, while the skin is not ready to adapt. Reasonably, cold allergies are caused by the release of histamine and chemicals in the bloodstream caused by cold weather around us.


Actually, there is nothing to worry about this cold allergy, because most will disappear by themselves in two to three weeks. But in some cases, cold allergies that cause shortness of breath to decrease tension, should be taken directly to the doctor.

Allergy sufferers usually suffer from children, but the allergy will improve by itself. As for those who have a history of certain diseases such as cancer or hepatitis have a risk of cold allergies. What is clear, cold allergies can interfere with our daily activities, so the treatment also needs to be done.

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