Coconut water, a fresh and healthy drink for breaking fast

There are many types of drinks that can be consumed when breaking the fast, but of course not all are good for health. Coconut water can be a good consideration, because in addition to refreshing it also has a sweet taste.

The added value is, coconut water is a pure drink that comes from coconut fruit. No wonder if Dr. Titi Sekarindah, MS, SpGK. As nutritionists advise us to break the fast by drinking coconut water.

“Coconut water is refreshing and healthy. It’s sweet, so we drink something fresh and delicious, “said Dr. Titi when contacted by AFP.

In addition to refreshing and sweet, pure coconut water also contains many nutrients that are good for health such as vitamins, potassium, and sodium.

The potassium contained in coconut water, in fact, can reduce high blood pressure, while Sodium can help us avoid dehydration after 14 hours of fasting. Besides, the taste of coconut water is no less delicious than iced tea or syrup.

“In addition, it (coconut water) contains some electrolytes such as sodium, potassium which is good for the body, and the important thing is delicious,” said Dr. Titi.

As a drink derived from fruit, coconut water actually tastes sweet, and the sweetness is natural. However, there are some people who add sugar to coconut water.

According to Dr. Titi, this is fine, it’s just better not to add too much sugar. If it does not taste sweet, you can consume sweet fruits, because the sugar is natural.

“Anyway, you can add some sugar. I always recommend if you want to drink sweet once or you can replace it with sweet fruits, right? “She concluded.

Dates can be an alternative as a friend of coconut water when breaking the fast. Dates, including fruit that has a natural sugar content. In addition, high fiber in dates can facilitate the digestion process.

However, it should be noted is not to consume excessive food when breaking the fast. This can make our digestive system ‘surprised’ because they are forced to work hard right after ‘empty’ for 14 hours.

Penulis: | 6 Mei 2020 | blog