Coaching Messi was Pochettino’s dream, but not at Barca

Argentine manager Mauricio Pochettino cannot deny the fact that handling players like Lionel Messi is one of his long-standing experiences.

Pochettino himself is currently unemployed. As of the 43-year-old man was expelled from the chair of Tottenham Hotspur manager in December 2019 last.

Meanwhile, Barcelona had been linked with the former Southampton manager since last January, when they kicked Ernesto Valverde. But in the end Quique Setien is trusted to handle Messi et al.

However, the results obtained by Barca under the direction of the former Real Betis coach are not exactly good. Therefore, it is not impossible that there will be a change of managers again in the body of the Catalan Giant next summer.

With everything he has achieved when dealing with Tottenham Hotspur, it can be said that Pochettino is still the ideal figure to be the manager of Barcelona. But is the interpreter tactician willing?

Pochettino still seems to really appreciate his attachment to Espanyol. Keep in mind, he used to be a former player and coach of the Catalan club which is the rival city of Barcelona.

However, Pochettino did not dismiss the dream of coaching Lionel Messi, only at Oldells Old Boys, not in Barcelona.

“I want to go back to Newell’s with Messi. I can still wait, and the best possible in the next 10 years with Messi, “Pochettino told Radio del Plata.

Please note, Lionel Messi is a former Barcelona academy player who was recruited from Newells Old Boys when he was 12 years old. Some time ago, Messi had expressed his intention to defend the club.

However, it is certain that the plan will not be realized in La Pulga in the near future. Many believe it can happen next season. This relates to a special clause in Messi’s contract at Barcelona, ​​which allows the player to move freely at the end of the season.

Meanwhile on the one hand Pochettino is believed to be the target of a number of European giants, ranging from Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid to his own former club Tottenham Hotspur.

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