Claude Makelele – Welcome back to Chelsea

Friday, 2 July 2019, Chelsea officially announced information on the return of Claude Makalele to their team’s squad in preparation for the 2019-2020 season. The return of Makalele ensured an important position in Frank Lampard‘s coaching staff, as a technical mentor for the young players was fully loaded.

Speaking of Makalele’s career in the English Premier League, his figure is fairly long defending the North London team desperate. Makalele fought five seasons fighting with Chelsea in the hunt for domestic titles to Europe, and before Chelsea, Makalele also played in Nantes.

Chelsea deserve to be grateful for Makalele’s services for successfully delivering the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 Premier League season titles. At present, Makalele is known to be studying coaching and has traveled to four different clubs.

Makalele began this new struggle with Paris Saint Germain as assistant coach for two seasons. Finally he got the chance to be the main coach of the Belgian league team, Eupen since the 2017 season.

Now all is repeated as a new leaf, and recently the offer to become coaching staff Frank Lampard with Chelsea was immediately accepted by Makalele. If dissecting deeper, then Makalele’s work is closer to approaching young players, especially those who are still strengthening the academy, individually.

As a whole, Makalele carried out relevant analyzes both in practice and when appearing on the official competition field. Not stopping there, Makalele was also tasked with monitoring the progress of Chelsea loan players.

In the structure of his position, Makalele is not alone and will be assisted by former former team-mates, Carlo Cudicini and Paulo Fereira. When referring to the position, it is clearly experiencing a decrease but he does not want to waste the opportunity that exists because it can slightly add experience.

What’s more Makalele conveyed a deep sense of pleasure if it could later realize the dreams of young players to enter the Chelsea main squad in the future.

“It’s great to be back home. This club has given me many things, and now I want to return the favor and help young Chelsea players’ dream of a career in the world of football. “I will share experiences to help them become professional in every aspect, and I can’t wait to get started,” told Makalele to the media.

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