Christelle’s long journey: the strong wife of Michel Platini

Once again, Christelle Bigoni must be strong in facing the process of her family life’s journey, especially the trials that were hitting her husband, Michel Platini. With her own eyes, she witnessed her husband being held by the French Anti-Corruption Task Force (OCLCIFF) on Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

Michel Platini was one of the suspects who committed corruption, because he received a large sum of money so that Qatar was chosen as the host of the upcoming 2022 World Cup. The determination of the host of the World Cup took place in December 2010.

For the umpteenth time, Christelle must return to receive this hurt truth in the process of life. Previously, she had to be brave enough to accept the overwhelming public pressure on the decline of the reputation of a tarnished husband, because of an alleged corruption scandal.

Platini was suspected of receiving money of 1.7 million US dollars at the behest of Blatter from FIFA cash. It’s true and the two big figures officially violated the code of ethics and were prohibited from being involved in soccer until 2023.

The accusation was also opposed by Platini by filing an appeal. The effort was successful so that the figure of the French national team football legend has been able to return to activities in the world of football by the end of 2019.

The romance of Platini and Christelle also attracts a lot of attention, especially on the figure of his wife who is considered to be tough to accompany the husband in a bad condition. This couple were officially married in 1977, and that year, Platini only played as a Nancy player with Christelle studying ecology.

In the process, the first trial came in 1982. Platini found that Christelle was having an affair with his teammate in the French national team, Jean-Francois Larios. This moment also had a negative impact on the preparation of the French national team, which ended badly in the Spanish World Cup.

The story also left a bitter impression on Larios who was finally kicked from the national team and never called again. Despite having done something bad, Platini still accepted Christelle’s figure. Until now the relationship between the two is still strong, with the support of two children named Laurent and Marine.

Many responses if Christelle’s strong heart is to repay Platini’s strong attitude in the past to accept Christelle’s back despite being caught cheating on him.

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