Chosen as a bikini model, CR7’s girlfriend makes men’s heart beat fast

The sexiness of WAGs in world class footballers has always attracted public attention, especially for men. This latest and hot one is the look of the style of Cristiano Ronaldo’s lover, Georgina Rodriguez managed to make many hearts beat fast.

On one occasion, Georgina was chosen as a famous bikini model in Italy, Yamamay. With this certainty, Georgina became the new face of Yamamay’s front display. Before Georgina, the famous model had contracted many world-famous actresses and models such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica White, and Kate Upton as the main models.

Officially signing a multibillion-dollar contract, Georgina was seen wearing Yamamay products while posing using orange lingerie, some time ago. The result is very beautiful, Georgina looks so sexy and seductive with a variety of styles.

In her session, Georgina took a photo shoot twice with a black and white bikini. One of the most tempting styles is when Georgina seems to want to remove the bra tie. Instantly, Georgina’s body shape looked very sexy, even though she already had one child from her relationship with Ronaldo.

“Not only natural beauty, but also a mother who loves family. A woman with a strong personality. Therefore he is very perfect working with us, “said an official statement from Yamamay.

If you dissect Georgina’s profile, it can be said that she is very lucky to be able to recognize Ronaldo’s figure. Before being famous until now, it was noted that Georgina was a shopkeeper in the city of Madrid, Spain.

After getting to know Ronaldo, Georgina finally decided to leave her job as a shopkeeper, because lots of media were questioning the job. Interestingly here is when Georgina was not only a servant, but she also worked as a waitress in her hometown and also had time to become a household assistant in Bristol, England.

If you compare, then your previous life is far different and now more luxurious. Being a famous and historic lover of mega star soccer in the world, like Ronaldo is the most beautiful gift that Georgina could not imagine.

Penulis: | 2 April 2019 | blog, wags