Choosing Joan Mir as his favorite winner, but Lorenzo also give full support to Morbidelli

Jorge Lorenzo as Test Rider Yamaha admits that he is still championing Suzuki rider Joan Mir to become world champion in the 2020 MotoGP event. However, he still supports Franco Morbidelli, who according to him has developed rapidly so far.

Joan Mir himself is currently leading the MotoGP 2020 standings, followed by Fabio Quartararo who is in 2nd place. Meanwhile, Franco Morbidelli is in 4th place, 25 points adrift of the top of the standings.

Lorenzo himself considered that Joan Mir was the rider who had the greatest potential to become world champion this season. Not without reason, according to him, the man from Spain was so consistent in fighting for the podium.

For information, Joan Mir has not won his first victory in the MotoGP event this season, but in fact he has been on the podium 6 times, or the most compared to other riders.

“My favorite right now is Joan. He’s always on the podium. Even if he doesn’t, he finishes close to the podium, except when he makes a mistake in the first race. Joan’s performance is very solid and Suzuki is very competitive,” Lorenzo said via La Gazzetta dello Sports.

Meanwhile, Franco Morbidelli himself has won two victories and one podium.

The success of the Petronas Yamaha SRT Team Rider to penetrate the 4th place in the temporary standings was actually unexpected. The reason is, many initially doubted the quality of the Italian riders.

Yamaha Crew Chief Ramon Forcada, who also held a similar position when Lorenzo was still actively defending Yamaha, considered that Morbidelli had a racing style similar to Lorenzo.

“Franco a rider who also surprised me besides Joan. Franco is a simple person, and also fun. Everyone likes him. For me, he is a good person, so I’m happy he looks good too. Ramon said he looks like me. If he said that, I believe it, “said Lorenzo.

For this reason, Lorenzo also supports Morbidelli to become world champion in this 2020 season.

“Franco was a little late in coming to MotoGP, and this is not very profitable for him. But it is not too late for him to win the world title. So, I would be happy if he succeeded in becoming world champion,” concluded Lorenzo.

Penulis: | 6 November 2020 | blog