China’s rich club ready to pay salary of IDR 2 million per minute for Gareth Bale

Real Madrid‘s intention to accelerate Gareth Bale from their squad in the next season is still constrained, and one thing that is blocking is the salary size of the players who keep many clubs from negotiating. This latest, the club from China is claimed to be ready to pay the salary amount that is now attached to the status of the Welsh player.

Investigating, the club is ready to provide a salary of IDR 2 million per minute for Bale. It’s been a hot polemic in EL Real, where the name of Bale is rumored not to be included in the scheme of Zinedine Zidane in navigating La Liga and 2019-2020 Champions League.

Even the news came that Zidane had given Bale the freedom to find a new club. Indeed there are already several clubs rumored to be ready to accommodate the former Tottenham player, where there is the name Manchester United, and the former club Bale himself.

But all of that was increasingly climaxed by the statement that the two clubs were unable to pay Bale’s salary amount. For now, Bale receives a salary of 600 thousand Pounds per week in Madrid, and clearly the salary is not included in the budget of these two teams.

Interestingly here, when many big European clubs say they cannot afford Bale’s salary scale, an unnamed club from China is interested in buying Gareth Bale. They also prepared a contract of 62 million Pounds in one year, where he will get a salary of 1.2 million pounds per week.

If dissected more deeply, then the salary is more than doubled with what you get with Madrid. Total if all came true, then Bale get 119 pounds or IDR 2 million per minute.

However this issue has little chance of being useful. Despite being willing to pay Gareth Bale for a very expensive salary, there is one thing that is very difficult for Real Madrid to accept as they only want to get the player for free.

It can be clarified again that they do not want to issue the transfer amount attached to Gareth Bale. It can be mentioned that Bale is still bound by a contract with Madrid until the season of 2022. The issue is trying to be calmed by the agent Bale himself, by claiming his client still wants to stay long at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Even the agent dared to guarantee if Bale did not get a place to play in Madrid’s main squad next season, but the player will still support his team behind the scenes.

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