Chicken fillet in boots successfully deliver Patrice Evra joined MU, how come?

Chicken fillet which is deliberately inserted into the shoe is arguably a sweet memory for Patrice Evra, because it can deliver it as an official Manchester United player. All the things that kept repeating that made Evra play nicely with AS Monaco despite having to fight against injuries.

Now everything has been covered with only sweet memories, in the last two days he officially decided to hang up his shoes from the world of football which raised his name. In his interview session, Evra claimed to want to continue the education process to become a trainer.

Evra’s best career in football is arguably the era of the 2003-2004 season, where he successfully advanced to the Champions League final with AS Monaco. Although in the end he had to become runner up, but the 38-year-old man claimed to be very happy to be able to make history.

Continuing memories of the past with Monaco, Evra proved to still believe in traditional methods to relieve pain in his legs due to injury. Interestingly here, Evra expressly states that the method he applied was going well.

Evra undoubtedly shared good advice with the public and of course for young players who might be doing well for them too. All this happens when he is stepped on by an opponent, and does not know where to start to ease the pain that comes.

“When I was in the hospital, I talked with Monaco coach, Didier Deschamps, I’m too sick, I can’t play, and I can’t even walk!” But the team needed me, so the doctor tried everything to relieve the pain,” said Evra.

“Things didn’t go well, and immediately the staff came up to me and said, ‘why don’t you try the traditional way?’. Everyone answered, ‘What do you mean?’ Then he said, ‘just put a chicken meat in his shoe’. That sounds crazy but, you know, I’m an open person,”

“I visited a local slaughterhouse. The butcher then asked, ‘what do you want?’ I answered, ‘a piece of chicken, but only a small one’. He asked again, ‘the small one? for what?’, then I said,’ I’ll put it in my shoes.’ He laughed,”

Although he was not too confident, Evra finally tried. But in reality he must thank the piece of meat, because it can provide a better way to get an offer to play from Manchester United recruits.

“The chicken came home with me, and I bought new shoes with size 42.5 and another 44. I tried to pass the ball. It feels good. It hurts, but it’s fine. In the end, I played with chicken in my shoes for four months.

“I didn’t use it during training – my mother would hate it if I wasted food – but every time before the match, I visited a butcher. ‘Morning, Patrice. As usual’?”.

“Chicken pieces have become my best treasure because it opened the way to be able to get a big offer, in January 2006, I joined Manchester United,” he concluded.

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