Chelsea vs Barcelona Prediction

Chelsea vs Barcelona soccer champion league 2017-2018 will be very much interesting. We have Chelsea, which is Premier League champion winner and on the other side, FC Barcelona, which is multiple times Champions League and La Liga winners. As Champion League has lost many reputed teams in last draw so, this is other than just a clash.

Chelsea is tight and studious and can be tough to others as they are trained under Antonio Conte’s leadership. However, their form is not so trustworthy and it is difficult to tell about their performance.

For FC Barcelona, there is nothing to say, everything is in their name. After Neymar sale to the Catalan giants, they are so offensive. As they have five points clear in the La Liga and due to this, you think they are on better positions than FC Barcelona then you are at wrong place. This one thing cannot be a negative side for the FC Barcelona team. Anything can be possible and it will be known to us after stepping foot in London on 21th Feb.

Tips for Betting in Chelsea and FC Barcelona match

There may be more odds for both the teams. As these teams are perfect at their own places and can be sure to make their perfect comeback. If we bet that Chelsea will win then it may have more odds. We all know that Chelsea may have their great start and FC Barcelona are studious in come backing and that there will be more bets and many large odds.

From the previous match, we can say that Chelsea is one of the best openers. Their previous match at Stamford Bridge opened by 2-0 was really amazing for them as they had freedom to their play. But, in last, they draw the match by 3-3. However, it is important to know that Chelsea can make a huge or big opening. And from this, the prediction championship 2018 says that they can be so tough and tight when they are allowed to play.

On the other hand, FC Barcelona is also at a great position than Chelsea. If Chelsea try to hit FC Barcelona then it can damage. If FC Barcelona allows Lionel Messi to hit the ball for many times then result will be something different. But it’s upon them what is their strategy. We hope that FC Barcelona will win at 2.20 odds.

In UEFA Champions League, there are 16 draws and this has brought new face to the fixes. So, time will decide who will take an advantage as both the teams are ready to put their first leg.

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