Chelsea secretly monitored the status of Erik Ten Hag

Rumors about who will fill Chelsea‘s coaching place next season continue to steal the public’s attention. Until now, Maurizzio Sarri‘s future is still questionable, as many claims say the Blues have prepared several names if the coach leaves.

The latest mention is that Chelsea secretly monitored developments from Ajax Amsterdam, coach Erik Ten Hag, who claimed to be on the list of potential successors to Sarri. As for the 2018-2019 season was the season when Chelsea introduced Sarri as a new coach.

Instead of failing, Sarri was a success by delivering Chelsea to third place in the English Premier League and winning the Europa League by beating Arsenal with a 4-1 score at Baku Arena.

Amid the rain of success, the reality of Sarri’s aura was not as good as expected. Until now, his name has been heavily rumored to be leaving Stamford Bridge, and will be close to Juventus next season. With the fast-growing gossip, in fact, Chelsea had prepared themselves by planning to recruit Erik Ten Hag.

Chelsea’s interest in Erik Ten Hag was clear, because the coach was so successful with Ajax last season. Erik Ten Hag’s career with Ajax began, when he replaced Marcel Keizer who was sacked in the 2017 season.

With just two seasons, Erik Ten Hag was able to restore the big name of Ajax on the Eradivisie stage, becoming champions, while winning the KNVB Bekker trophy, and the most phenomenal was the success of delivering Ajax to the Champions League semi-finals.

For this reason, Chelsea have stated that the figure of Erik Ten Hag is well worth considering replacing Sarri next season. Do not stop there, Chelsea’s main focus on Erik Ten Hag is because he is very skillful on orbiting young players.

This situation increasingly shows Chelsea need Erik Ten Hag, because they will face a one-year transfer embargo season, so they can only take advantage of the young players who have been there now. It could be interpreted that the role of Erik Ten Hag was very much needed, Chelsea certainly hoped with the cold hands of Erik Ten Hag, Chelsea could bring out the world-class young players.

A realistic goal for Chelsea next season is to stay in the top four of the English Premier League and return back to the Champions League.

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