Chelsea Fans shouldn’t have much expectation on Giroud

Olivier Giroud’s dazzling form at Chelsea has garnered praise recently, but England legend Michael Owen has asked the public, especially Chelsea fans, not to expect much of the former Arsenal man.

Indeed, the French player has scored a string of goals in recent times, in which form has impressed Chelsea fans.

One clear example is in the match against Sevilla in the European Champions League recently. Giroud managed to buy up four goals in Chelsea’s 4-0 victory over Spain’s representatives.

Then, not long ago Giroud again amazed the public through his action against Leeds United in the Premier League last weekend. In that match, he scored one goal, which Chelsea won 3-1.

Naturally, Giroud received praise for his performance.

But indeed, it is unfortunate because Chelsea and Giroud will separate, considering that the player’s contract remains only until next January.

Regarding this, Michael Owen also reminded Chelsea fans that Giroud’s slick performance did not necessarily mean he could make the Blues champions of the English Premier League.

In other words, the former Liverpool player hopes Chelsea fans don’t have much hope.

“Would you play him every week if you wanted to win the league? I think you would look for someone a little better. That’s what has happened throughout his career,”

“Lampard tried to sell him 12 months ago. Of course, you have the right to change your mind. I just want to play a role as a servant of the devil. We all got carried away,” Owen told Premier League Production.

It is not intended to underestimate the quality of the 34-year-old striker, it’s just that Owen feels that he is not the right person to lead Chelsea to champions.

“I watched him and thought he was brilliant. I watched him in the middle of last week and thought he was great,”

“But there is thinking again and again, ‘wait’, he’s never been – for Arsenal he has never been … and they are not a winning team,” he concluded.

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