Cavani revealed reasons for rejecting offers from Juventus and Inter Milan

The new Manchester United striker, Edinson Cavani, finally opened his voice about the reasons why he repeatedly refused to accept offers from two Italian giants, Juventus and Inter Milan.

In fact, the figure of Edinson Cavani has long been an attraction for the two clubs. In fact, from the time he was concerned, he appeared brilliantly with Napoli in the period 2010 to 2013.

However, instead of moving to another Italian club, the Uruguay National Team striker chose to leave the French Club, Paris Saint-Germain. For a total of seven years he worked at the Club and became one of Europe’s best strikers.

Once his contract expired, Cavani was again linked with Juventus and Inter Milan. But unfortunately, he again missed the opportunity and joined Manchester United for free.

Indeed, the player finally joined Manchester United, but he did not deny that there were offers from Italian clubs such as Juventus and Inter Milan.

So, why did he reject the offer? Cavani can only make his love for Napoli the main reason. The former Palermo player admits that he is very grateful to have been part of the Naples club.

“I can only say thanks to Napoli. I’m always grateful to be able to play for them.”

“That is the reason why I have repeatedly rejected offers from Italian clubs, including Juventus who often call me. Likewise with Inter.” So says Cavani.

In essence, Edinson Cavani is reluctant to upset the hearts of Napoli fans, because after all the club has made him happy and raised his name on the football scene.

“I can’t betray the Neapolitans. Whenever I think of Naples, I always feel happy.”

“I know that I have done a lot for them and they continue to pay tribute to me until now.” he said.

At Manchester United, Cavani is still in the process of adaptation, both in terms of football and in terms of life there. What is clear is that the player has collected three goals in the Premier League so far.

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