Caught on camera drinking coffee in Milan, Mourinho will return to Inter Milan?

Gossip of Inter Milan‘s approach to Jose Mourinho was increasingly clear. Based on news from Italian media, the former Manchester United coach was caught on camera having coffee in Milan along with his agent, Jorge Mendes.

Mourinho was indeed unemployed after being driven from Manchester United at the end of December 2018 yesterday. His position was replaced temporarily by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was recruited from Molde FK for the next season.

Indeed the issue of training has long been heard, before Inter’s coverage, Mourinho was rumored to be training Benfica. However, Mourinho himself brushed aside all the news that did not accept the club’s offer.

Now the name sounds fast going back to the stronghold of his former club, Inter Milan. The media claims that he will meet with the director of the Nerazzurri, Giuseppe Marotta, about the possibility of returning to the Giuseppe Meazza.

The news become more and more clear when Mourinho was seen in a famous hotel in the number city of Milan by being caught on camera drinking coffee with Mendes. The presence of Mourinho there has not been revealed clearly because there were no signs of meeting him with representatives from Inter Milan.

Mourinho’s name itself began to smell in Italian numbers, especially specifically for Inter Milan when the club experienced a decline in performance. All this is considered to be Luciano Spalletti’s fault for a series of Nerazzurri bad nicks in Serie A to this season’s Champions League.

All may be understood, where Spalletti began to doubt he would survive when he failed to deliver Inter to go further in the Champions League this season, and was knocked out of the Europa League.

The current situation is more explained to the matter of time that will provide an answer, where if Spalletti again gain successive defeat, even failing to stay in the top 4 of the standings, it is not impossible Mourinho will replace his position as Inter Milan coach.

Penulis: | 9 Februari 2019 | blog