Cassano claims Juve’s defeat to Porto was caused by Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus fans still can’t forget the defeat suffered by FC Porto in the middle of last week. But interestingly, Antonio Cassano even called Cristiano Ronaldo the culprit of the defeat.

As is known, Juventus visited Estadio Do Dragao, Porto to play the first leg of the last 16 of the European Champions League, Thursday (18/02).

In the duel, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to be the difference, considering that he knows very well how to play FC Porto. However, the former Real Madrid star appeared very successful, even only firing one shot throughout the match.

In the end, Juventus themselves lost with a score of 2-1, even falling behind before giving up through the action of Federico Chiesa.

Antonio Cassano has the view that Cristiano Ronaldo does not fit into the game scheme adopted by the new manager Andrea Pirlo, without reducing his respect for the 5 Ballon d’Or winner.

“I always say that even though he has been phenomenal with hundreds of goals, he doesn’t fit into Andrea Pirlo’s game scheme,” Cassano told Bobo TV.

So, in what sense does Cristiano Ronaldo fit into Pirlo’s scheme? Cassano considers the former Manchester United to have a high level of egoism so that it is difficult to integrate into the game.

“It’s true he scores goals in every game, but trying to solve his difficulties with Andrea’s scheme. He’s always selfish, and he doesn’t care about other players scoring goals, because he is always obsessed with scoring goals.”

“He doesn’t live to have a good match, but he lives to score goals. The situation is getting worse now.” He said.

But Cassano believes that Juventus now no longer have their main style, but rather adjust themselves so that Cristiano Ronaldo can perform at his maximum on the pitch.

“Time flies, and he’s having a hard time. Juventus are trying to change their game idea, and trying to play another way of playing, to match Ronaldo.” he said.

The duel Leg against Porto in Turin is scheduled to take place in March. Juventus also only needed to win 1-0 to qualify for the quarter-finals.

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