Casemiro asks fans to stop mention CR7

Casemiro felt devastated because he was beaten by Barcelona 3-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu. This moment occurred when Real Madrid struggled to maintain an aggregate goal at home to Barcelona. But unfortunately, the defense was broken with the beauty of the game Luis Suarez CS.

Barcelona has the right to advance to the final round 4-1 on aggregate. Madrid actually started the game with a sense of confidence, proven they were able to create many opportunities. Both Madrid and Barca bought and exchanged attacks and defended the score 0-0 until the first half ended.

But who would have thought if the new Madrid nightmare was present in the second half, Barca scored all three goals. This defeat suddenly gave many responses, and the most response was that Madrid missed Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even so, Casemiro still denied all of these responses. According to him, Madrid has worked optimally in giving their best performances. They work tirelessly, but Madrid’s failure is to fail to maximize the golden opportunity to be a goal.

“We have fought and tireless work, played good football and we created some of our own opportunities. This is football. If you do not maximize opportunities against big teams like them, you will get a problem behind. El Clasico is determined by details like this,” said Casemiro.

“They can create three opportunities and all become goals. Now we have to think of La Liga and forget about the Copa, “he concluded.

Interestingly here when many questioned the defeat of Barca because of Ronaldo’s absence. Seeing the opportunities of Madrid in the match, Ronaldo certainly can change some of them into goals. However, Casemiro was reluctant to discuss players who were not Madrid players.

“It’s not appropriate to give players who don’t play for us. We should talk about the best number 9 striker in the world, Benzema. “Vinicius Jr., Lucas Vazquez, and Bale, are great players and we have to fight with them,” Casemiro concluded.

Now Casemiro with Real Madrid will be back in preparation for the title match EL Clasico volume 2 at the Santiago Bernabeu in a row. Where the match of Madrid vs. Barca will be held again with the theme of continued Spanish La Liga, Madrid’s mission clearly hampered the pace of Barca to quickly embrace the title this season. Where Barca are currently comfortable at the top of the standings.

Penulis: | 28 Februari 2019 | blog