Carragher defends Atletico over Jurgen Klopp’s criticism

The failure of his team in the European Champions League this season seemed to make coach Jurgen Klopp very disappointed. The German manager then sent a scathing criticism at Atletico Madrid, the team that made his club left out.

Liverpool, who are the defending champions, were eliminated earlier in the Champions League this season. Their trip stopped in the last 16 after losing to representatives of Spain, Atletico Madrid.

After the first leg ended with a 1-0 victory for host Atletico Madrid, Liverpool are actually predicted to turn things around in the second leg at Anfield. But unfortunately, they actually lost again, this time with an identical score of 2-3.

Despite accepting defeat in the second leg, but Klopp seemed difficult to recognize the superiority of Atletico in the first leg. He criticized the performance of Atletico Madrid who immediately played defensively after scoring a quick goal in the match at Wanda Metropolitano.

Carragher, who of course watched the first leg match, did not agree with Jurgen Klopp’s criticism. According to him, Atletico Madrid’s playing style was not the first time, in fact many teams had implemented a similar scheme.

“I think Jurgen Klopp was very emotional after the match against Atletico, but his criticism of Atletico’s playing patterns was wrong. I don’t want to see all teams playing the same way. I like the fact that there are many different styles,”

“That is indeed a negative pattern, but it is your job to solve it. Atletico are the teams that have won LaLiga, have qualified for the Champions League final, and have felt bad luck there,” he said as reported by Football 365.

Furthermore, the former Liverpool captain actually sent flattery to Diego Simeone. In fact, according to the Argentine coach is one of the best managers in the last three decades.

“I think Diego Simeone has done a very good job at Atletico. Probably one of the best in Europe for the past 20-30 years,” he said.

Simeone has worked as Atletico’s coach since 2011. Over the past 9 years, he has brought Atletico to a number of achievements, including La Liga champions and two Champions League finals.

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