Canceled marry her Caucasian boyfriend, Cita Citata felt frustrated

After seeking enlightenment, finally Cang Citata’s dangdut singer officially parted ways with his Caucasian lover, Roy Geurts. Although looking sincere, but the 25-year-old woman had felt frustrated.

Naturally, the article concerned had already planned her marriage to Roy Geurts. As a result, the singer of the song Pain Here had felt frustrated even wanted to go away from the crowd.

“But sometimes it crossed my mind, do I have to go that far huh,” said Cita Citata.

But before making the tough decision (Split), Cita Citata had indeed thought about such an event. He too prepares well, asks the manager to make his schedule more solid, and gets a lot of support too.

“The first one is definitely praying, the second thank God I was given an extraordinary fortune that is surrounded by good friends, good family,”

“There is still work that is a package for me to be even stronger. That’s why I asked my manager to fill in a lot of schedules, “said Cita Citata.

Then, does this bitter moment make Cita Citata feel traumatized and do not want to have a serious relationship with a man again? Of course not, she was convinced that when it failed then what had to be done was to rise again.

“Never. For me, when I fall I must get up again, fall up again and fall, I have to get up again. For me, when a successful person is sure to fail 1,000 times, more so. So, for me not everyone is the same, there must be many good people, “he explained again.

Is Cita Citata planning to look for a new partner again in the near future? She claimed she still wanted to heal the heart first before looking for a new mooring.

“First, I must heal my heart first. I don’t want it because of other people I’m cured. I have to get well first because of myself, “answered Cita Citata.

For information, Cita Citata had the opportunity to unveil her wedding plans with Roy Geurts. In fact, the foreigner has also become a Mualaf some time ago.

Penulis: | 7 Juli 2020 | blog