Can Costa Rica Do The Unexpected Against Brazil?

Brazil is touted to be the next FIFA world cup champion. They are expected to proceed from their Group E to the succeeding stages. Costa Rica were the ones who gave a shocker in the previous world cup, defeating England, Uruguay and Italy. They were in the final eight and can they weave a similar magic yet again?

Brazil is the favorites to win this match. They have won the world cup for 5 times and making it 6 should not pose a problem. They would surely want to perform better than the last time at their world cup, where they reached the semi finals. For Costa Rica, the points would be coming from other matches in the tournament when they will play Switzerland and Serbia. But still, they cannot be taken lightly.

The primary component for the show of Costa Rica’s performance in the world cup 2014 lies in their defense and also the fact that they gave away just 1 goal in a total of 5 matches, in the entire tournament. Though the team is decorated with stalwarts like Navas, Gonzalez, Acosta, Ruiz and Campbell, they need to buck up and show their talent. Of late, Ruiz and Navas are not showing good form, which can cost the team dearly.

Defending the Brazilians would be an ideal situation but Brazil is a team with a number of attacking players and one mistake might bring about the fall of the Central Americans. Moreover, keeping their opponents under control means, they would not be having much to show in the form of their attack.

In the Brazil squad, Neymar Jr. is having a ball. He is improvising on a day-to-day basis and becoming a big threat to any opponent. Paulinho and Jesus are also good and are a handful to handle. The team exhibits great performance maybe because till day, they have not faced a tough rival. Currently, they do not have permanent captain, which can be a damaging factor.

It is easy to predict that Brazil will be having an upper hand of the two since they play better and with an experienced team but anything is possible on a football ground. Remember that Costa Rica qualified for their world cup in a pretty comfortable way, emerging first within a group placed along with Panama and Jamaica and then they finished only second to Mexico to cement their place in Russia.

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