Brie Larson was hesitant to play as Captain Marvel

Although she has only played in two Marvel films, Brie Larson’s figure is already well known to fans, with the character as Captain Marvel inherent in her. However, who would have thought the person had hesitated to play the character.

As is known, Brie Larsson had previously been known as a Hollywood actress who played in several feature films. Meanwhile, the character of Captain Marvel herself is indeed far from the character commonly played by the 30-year-old woman.

Although eventually accepted an offer from Marvel to portray the female superhero character, Brie Larson claimed to initially hesitate. Because the super hero character is a character that is very different from the characters she has played before.

In addition, Brie Larson admitted that she preferred playing the character as an antonym in a film.

“I’ve never seen myself doing something like this, mainly because I like being an antonym,”

“I like to disappear into character, and I always feel that if I’m too often under the public spotlight, it has the potential to limit you in the future,” she said as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

After several months of considering the offer, Brie Larson finally agreed. She was very eager to play the role of Captain Marvel, both when she was a superhero figure and when she became an ordinary human.

“Knowing this character isn’t much ado and saying what’s on her mind and not letting people get in the way is very interesting.” She said.

Brie Larson then did not expect that she would become one of the stars on the Disneyland rides that was loved by many people.

“But, the thing that first occurred to me when I accepted this character was,‘ wow, I will be one of the characters on Disneyland,” she said.

That said, Brie Larson was quite successful in playing the role of Captain Marvel. She has also appeared in two films so far, including the solo film Captain Marvel, the film Avengers End Game.

Captain Marvel herself is a very strong superhero, this character was created because of being hit by an explosion from one of the infinity stones.

Penulis: | 23 April 2020 | blog