Breakup from Pamela, Rami finds out with new GF?

Adil Rami is a professional soccer player, who can easily bind the hearts of women. He just broken up from Pamela Anderson, now this former AC Milan player finds out close to another woman, and fortunately for him, she is also sexy same as Pamela!

When talking about the love relationship between Adil Rami and Pamela, these two figures have been in a love affair for two years. However, the long road to that relationship must end forever at the beginning of the summer of 2019 yesterday. The bad thing here when the news mentions the end of their relationship based on bad things.

For Adil Rami, that did not become an obstacle in his career as a soccer player. Evidently he was able to move on from Pamela, and it was known for certain that he had gotten a new girlfriend. Investigated, Adil Rami was close to one of the beautiful stars from England, Chloe Sims.

This rumor came out not without reason, where Adil Rami and Sims were caught on camera walking together in London not long ago. Both of them took a taxi together to a place whose name was unknown. Sims herself is a British television star who has appeared on the reality film The Only Wat Is Essex.

Like a big fortune for Adil Rami, who turns out Sims is also a successful businesswoman. Perhaps the second thing that is interesting here is Adil Rami’s interest in older women, which this time is quite far adrift by the fact that Sims is 37 years old, which means she is four years older than Rami.

If dissecting before, with Pamela, Adil Rami is 20 years younger! Together with Sims, Adil Rami must also be able to accept the baby of the newborn in the 2005 season. When all talk about romance or bind a woman’s heart, then Adil Rami deserves the best predictions.

However, when talking about binding his career in the world of football, then this answer is inversely proportional as Adil Rami’s career is not in sweet line with his love life.

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