Break the fast with fried foods, is it safe for health?

Fried food is one snack that is liked by most Indonesians. It tastes good, the texture is crisp and easy to consume, making people sometimes choose this snack as a consumption when breaking the fast.

However, maybe the question is whether it is safe to consume these foods after breaking the fast? Moreover, when fasting our stomach is not filled for 14 hours.

Related to this, Dr. Diana F Suganda, SpGK, Mkes tried to provide answers. Considering that fried foods contain a lot of oil, it means that there is a high fat content in them, he suggested not to consume fried foods when breaking the fast.

“Do not recommend breaking the fast with fried foods, in the sense of high fat yes,” said Dr. Diana when contacted by AFP.

In fact, foods with high fat content such as fried foods are more difficult to digest by the stomach. Therefore, it will cause discomfort, such as bloating and begging after breaking the fast by consuming fried foods.

“So it is indeed a fall if we open it with fried food on an empty stomach, given high fat right away what usually happens is that it is more uncomfortable in the stomach like abdominal discomfort, so bloating, so that’s it,” he continued.

Besides being able to create discomfort, eating fried food in the long run is also dangerous for health. High fat in fried foods can make fat in the blood increase, thus potentially blocking blood circulation and eventually having a stroke.

“Fat in the blood is high, high cholesterol so in the long run there is also a disruption in blood vessels. His blood vessels are filled with fat, in the long run there can be disruption of blood vessel obstruction, it can be a stroke, it can go to the heart if consumed continuously, “he concluded.

In essence, it is important to pay attention to the food we consume when breaking the fast. The reason is, our digestive system does not work like ordinary days. After emptying within 14 hours, it is better to consume light foods such as dates, hot tea and so on.

After breaking the fast with a light snack, we can give a pause in the stomach first, then consume heavy foods such as rice and side dishes. That way, the stomach will feel more comfortable.

Penulis: | 4 Mei 2020 | blog