Brazil Vs. Mexico – Expert Advice For The Game

Brazil is all set to enter the fray on the game with an unbeaten streak across all then the competitors. Well, they haven’t been given their best in the group stages. No doubt, in the fact that still, they have managed to get two victories and a draw. Meanwhile, the Samba boys have won the group matches, and now they would be looking for their place in the quarterfinals.

However, Mexico is on fire, and they are looking for the highest winning chances. They have kicked off World Cup 2018 group stage campaign in such a comprehensive manner, beating the teams like Germany and South Korea. Anyways, Mexico was beaten in the final game of the group stage by Sweden. This in turns helped out South Korea to win get a 2-0 win against Germany.

Betting Odds

Over the past six months, it is seen that Brazil has won six of their seven games against all the competitors in this world cup. The Brazilians, for now, are on a 2-win streak, and it would be depressive for them. On the other hand, Mexico has endured a mixed up form over the last three months. According to the available details, they have registered three defeats, there wins and one of which got to draw in the last seven fixtures they played.

According to the preview, it is expected for Brazil to win at odds of 1.50. If we talk about talk about the odds for the match to be drawn, then it is expected to be at 4.20. The odds for Mexico being the winning team is a little higher standing at 8.00. Hope this gave you a comprehensive view of the game between the two that is held on 1st July.

Winning Predictions

Brazil has secured a top spot in the Group E by winning against Costa Rica and Siberia. This was followed by an opening draw with the Switzerland team, who finished as a runner-up in Group E.

As mentioned before about the wins over South Korea and Germany, they are on the full rage that can make them win this game. Well, it can be difficult for both the teams, and it isn’t easy for one to win over easily.

Accordingly, Brazil has more quality with their top ranks and the team Brazil should be favorite this time to win the match.

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