Brazil Announces its Team and Qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup 2018

Brazil head coach Tite has revealed about the FIFA World Cup 2018 squad for the summer session of World Cup, which is going to be held in Russia. The head coach has planned two-third of the squad that will participate in the summer World Cup. The team consists of 23 players out of which some 15 players who have qualified for this match has already received the call. Few players are still in the lines that are expected to receive the respective call.

Team Players for FIFA World Cup 2018

The names of the 15-players’ team will also include four Premier League Stars. The squad will include these players respectively:

  1. Paulinho and Philippe Coutinho who are Brazilian Stars
  2. Dani Alves, Neymar, Marquinhos and Thiago Silva are the quartet from PSG
  3. The Midfielder from Real Madrid Casemiro
  4. Roberto Firmino who is a forward from Liverpool
  5. Fernandinho and Gabriel Jesus are the pairs from Manchester City

Other players who are expected to receive the call for a team squad are:

  1. Miranda from Inter
  2. Alisson who is the goalkeeper from Roma
  3. Left back from Real Madrid Marcelo
  4. Renato Augusto the superstar of Beijing’s ‘Sinobo Guoan’
  5. Willian – the winger from Chelsea

Other players who are kept for the call-up are Jadson, the player who is the Corinthians star and right back of Cruzeiro Edilson. Both have played the games in their homeland. However, it is unclear who else will join the 15-players’ squad but the ones who will join the team will have to perform better in the next three months matches.

Lining Up of the Brazilian Team for FIFA World Cup 2018

The adjustment of high-profile players on the gaming pitch is a huge task for the head coach. Though experienced and played tremendously well, they need to be adjusted accordingly in an attacking formation of 4-2-3-1.

  • Marcelo is expected to fill the place for a spot of the left back. He has great defensive and attacking skills.
  • Dani Alves to be placed on the right flank side in the formation.
  • Thiago Silva will hold a center-back spot in the formation because of his physical strength and technical skills on the ground.
  • Other central defenders who can fill the spot are Miranda and Marquinhos.

Overall, the squad announcement still awaits the involvement of eight other players, but Tite is going to form a strong team in order to grab this year FIFA World Cup too.

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