Boiyen admits she often “offered” by mashered men

There are no certain conditions for an artist to be targeted by masher men, for example, comedian Yeni Rahmawati a.k.a Boiyen who also admits that she often gets ‘naughty’ offers on social media.

Indeed, entering into the world of entertainment, twists and turns and ups and downs, even though the work for filming is abundant, still the image of the comedian herself is sometimes wrong in the eyes of the public.

Especially since recently, cases of online prostitution that have dragged several artist names have sprung up. As a result, many other artists who were affected were considered “negotiable”.

Yeni Rahmawati a.k.a Boiyen also experienced that experience. The woman, known as a comedian, admitted that she had received several offers from mashered men.

Told on Denny Sumargo’s YouTube Channel, Boiyen received the offer via message on Instagram. Boiyen immediately blocked the Instagram user.

“Yesterday I had a direct message (DM), but I already blocked it,” said Boiyen.

Unmitigated, Boiyen even revealed that the offer was worth hundreds of millions of rupiah. However, the 31-year-old woman was reluctant to respond.

“I want to invite you to eat, pay how many hundred million. I’m allowed, for the sake of Allah,” she said.

What annoyed Boiyen was the fact that it wasn’t just one account that had sent her such an offer, but many accounts with similar words.

“Then I was horrified, the DMs were the same, everything was like copying and pasting. After a long time I was like, ‘I was really demeaned to be a woman, right?

Not wanting to continue to feel annoyed every time she opened a DM on Instagram, Boiyen immediately deleted all messages from the masher he meant.

“It’s better if I delete it, I’ll block it, so I can’t read it anymore. If I read it, I’m getting more annoyed, I’ll catch it. If I’m wrong, I’m afraid I’ll be hooked,” explained Boiyen.

Finally, Boiyen emphasized that these offers did not make her proud at all, even though he did not look pretty, the comedian admitted that he still had pride.

“No, I am proud of my achievement. I am proud of being booked. Let me be clear (ugly) I also have self-respect,” concluded Boiyen.

Penulis: | 4 Desember 2020 | blog