Big chance to win Europa League, Solskjaer also reluctant to “ignore” Premier League

Manchester United has two ways to qualify for the European Champions League next season. First through the Europa league, the second through the finish in the last four of the Premier League final standings. Although the first path is very possible, but coach Solskjaer is reluctant to ignore the English League.

It’s no secret that playing in the European Champions League has always been Manchester United’s dream. Naturally, since Sir Alex Ferguson left in 2013, the club nicknamed the Red Devils had difficulty competing in the title race.

Far from participating in the Premier League competition, they are even very difficult to penetrate the last four of the final standings. As a result, the Red Devils lost tickets several times to the European Champions League.

This season, Manchester United have two ways to qualify for UCL next season. First by winning the Europa League, second by finishing in the last four of the final standings. Instead of choosing one of them, Solskjaer emphasized that both targets were important to achieve.

“I think we just need to focus on every game we will face. Yes, we can get through both, but you never know what will happen in the Europa League.”

“Sometimes when you have to deal with a good team, your condition is actually bad, something like that can happen. So we will focus on all the matches and we will try to win as many points in the league as possible,” Solskjaer to MUTV.

Furthermore, the Norwegian manager also refutes the notion that the Europa League has a level of competition below the Premier League. According to him, anyone can be eliminated from the event, even though they are facing a team in the middle of nowhere.

“As I said, you cannot predict what will happen in a tournament. You also can’t just hold on to this one tournament,” he said.

Manchester United itself is currently preparing to play the second leg of the Europa League round of 32 against Club Brugge on Friday morning (28/02). Red Devils only need a 0-0 draw to qualify for the next round, after reaching a 1-1 draw at the Belgian club’s headquarters.

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