Belly dancer performance on Edin Dzeko’s birthday celebration

Again, the world of football presents a unique story that concerns AS Roma striker Edin Dzeko. On his 33rd birthday special day, he specifically held a big event at a restaurant in the capital city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina as an expression of thanks for long life.

Interestingly here, when his wife, Amra Silajdzic Dzeko deliberately prepared the event without the knowledge of the husband. The wife invited her family and friends to play. His birthday cake is also very unique, which shows pictures of clubs that have been visited by Dzeko, seen there are Manchester City flags from 2011 to 2016, and AS Roma.

Dzeko’s big name began to smell with Manchester City, there he successfully scored 72 goals in 189 appearances in all competitions. Apart from the incision, Dzeko was a little surprised when in the middle of the show appeared an almost naked belly dancer.

Dzeko then looks focused on the dancer’s dance that makes men drool. Dzeko sat in a chair with a big smile on his face, before getting involved with the pleasure. While the invitees circled and only watched the dancer’s dance.

Dzeko’s career is now fairly consistent, the achievement of his goals with Roma is good and that attitude also raises speculation that Manchester City are ready to bring Dzeko home in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market.

The name Dzeko in the market is still very good, not only Manchester City, it is also said there is the name Inter Milan, Everton and West Ham who are ready to accommodate Dzeko and he intends to leave the Olimpico in Rome.

Penulis: | 24 Maret 2019 | wags