Bella admits have tried her best to maintaining the marriage

Indonesian beautiful celebrity, Laudya Cynthia Bella confirmed that she was officially divorced from Engku Emran. Through her upload on Instagram, the 32-year-old woman claimed to have tried to maintain the household.

In recent weeks, Netizens have been busy discussing the Laudya Cynthia Bella’s marriage with Engku Emran. Naturally, because suddenly Bella unfollowed her husband’s Instagram account.

In fact, the former lover of Raffi Ahmad was also found to delete photos with her husband that she had uploaded on Social Media. No wonder if Netizens start to speculate that there really is something wrong with this couple.

At first Bella was silent, but finally dared to speak and give clarification. She claimed to have officially divorced the Malaysian businessman. But, that does not mean there is no effort to maintain it.

Both Bella and Engku Emran are equally trying to do everything to maintain their marriage life. But Bella considered that this was indeed her destiny.

“We have made various efforts and this is the destiny of Allah SWT, our marriage has only reached here and we have gone through all the processes. At the moment everything is finished, “said Laudya Cynthia Bella.

Bella and Engku Emran were married in Malaysia in September three years ago, at which time the wedding was only attended by a few close friends of Bella. It was only a month ago, a reception was held in Bandung, West Java.

Now Bella is only asking for support from all parties to get through this difficult time.

“I hope that with my present explanation, I can answer all of my media friends’ questions and I apologize if any of my words are less pleasing or my attitude is less pleasing.

I need support from all my friends, please support and pray for it, “concluded Laudya Cynthia Bella.

During the three years of marriage with the Malaysian businessman, Bella had not been born with a baby. However, this couple already has a child, because Engku Emran is a single-child widower.

Penulis: | 1 Juli 2020 | blog