Belgium vs England – Expecting Incredible Contest for Third Position

The English are facing the Belgians in the third-place play-off in the FIFA 2018 World Cup on Saturday, 14 July. These two teams were defeated by their semi-final opponents and are at the Saint Petersburg Stadium trying to salvage a third place in the world’s biggest tournament.

The Belgium team is considered as the favorites to take the position since it has been performing better than England in the tournament and also because of the reason that it has plenty of talent pools. When these 2 teams faced each other in the group stage, both had already made it to the knockout stage, and thus they played the match with somewhat reserves, trying to keep themselves healthy. Belgium won the match to go into the next stage.

The time, it is going to be different. The stars would be descending now and playing on the football pitch. Both the teams of England and Belgium, have to recover from the painful losses to Croatia and France respectively. This match could be quite demanding in the psychological sense.

Team Belgium has been consistent throughout the tournament, and if they pay more attention to their defense, the bronze medal can grace them. Similar to the first meeting they had with England, they need to keep a clean net, and they can be lucky this time.

The England team has once again dashed their fans’ hopes to the ground. Everyone was rooting for an English win against a tiny Croatia. But things were meant to be different. They were definitely on the right track, but somehow they lost control and suddenly seemed perplexed in the second half. Croatia took advantage of the situation at hand and sneaked past them to grab a place in the finals. But there is no argument in saying that the team performed well above expectations and did superbly on set pieces.

Both teams falling just one goal short in securing a place in the final match of the 2018 world cup have to forget licking their wounds and start afresh. This match is not going to be boring at all. In fact, it is one big match to see and find out who truly deserves the third place after Croatia and France. The two sides are young and full of talent, and the stadium will once again wait for unforgettable moments to cherish.

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