Being called ‘social climbing’ with Wika Salim, Bebizie gave a rebuttal

Two dangdut singers who are known to be actually friends, Bebizie and Wika Salim have recently become netizens. Both were involved in a dispute, allegedly because of a man.

But interestingly, the assumption circulating in social media actually claims that Bebizie intentionally did that for the sake of social climbing or Pansos with Wika Salim.

Indeed, the figure of Wika Salim is currently in the spotlight because of its increasing prestige in social media. However, Bebizie herself denied the accusation, she was not at all interested in pursuing a career with social media.

“Pansos? I’m in music entertainment, I don’t want to go anywhere. Because fortune is already set, “said Bebizie in a private television reality show.

The 37-year-old singer asserted, even if she had a plan to do pansos, certainly she would not go to Wika Salim. Moreover, at this time Bebizie felt that her income was still enough to pay her kids’ education.

“I don’t even want to go to social services, WS. If you act like that, I’m really sorry for the pansos, I’m not young anymore, the artist is sad because entertainment is just a hobby. If there is a single release, thank God, it’s okay.”

During Covid pandemic, entertainment world is died, but thank God I was still able to eat and pay for my child’s education, even though I was a widow,” Bebizie said.

What makes Bebizie feel sad is the fact that her relationship was very close to Wika Salim and now has to be stretched because of a man. In fact, she used to give some jobs to Wika.

“Since the beginning of my career I was with WS. We were together. Sometimes I offered her some jobs. WS and I have similar character, if I can’t take the job, then I offer to WS. I will promote her. I had a campaign event while I was sick, I asked WS to replace me.” She said.

Until now, it is not yet known who is the man who managed to make the close relationship between Bebizie and Wika Salim stretched. Many suspect that Wika Salim looks more arrogant because her career is more soaring than Bebizie.

Penulis: | 8 Juli 2020 | blog