Before appointing Sarri, Juventus had considered Pep Guardiola

It has just been revealed that Maurizio Sarri was not the only target of Juventus in the transfer market last summer to replace Massimiliano Allegri. Apparently, the defending champions of Italian Serie A also briefly considered the name Pep Guardiola.

At the end of the 2018/19 campaign yesterday, Massimiliano Allegri was officially resigned from the Juventus coach seat. During his five years in charge of Juventus, Allegri managed to present 11 trophies, including five successive Scudettos.

In addition, the club was also successfully delivered to the European Champions League final twice. Even this slick achievement makes Juventus must find the right replacement. The goal, so that Allegri’s successor can provide more than that, or at least the same.

There was the name Pep Guardiola in the list of Juventus’ Covets, as was the issue circulating in the media last summer. However, in the end Bianconneri chose Maurizio Sarri to become Allegri’s replacement.

That is, rumors that Juventus’ interest in the former Barcelona coach is not true. But interestingly, after months passed, then President Andrea Agnelli confirmed the club’s efforts to bring Pep.

To Radio 24, Agnelli claimed to have time to consider the former Bayern Munich coach. But upon learning that Pep was reluctant to leave Manchester City, Bianconneri immediately buried their plans.

“It’s a lie to say you don’t think about Guardiola, but you have to evaluate your present moment, like most professional figures. If someone is happy with where he is, it will be difficult to move,” he told Radio 24.

As for under the direction of Maurizio Sarri, Juventus did manage to top the Italian Serie A standings. But their performance was deemed inconsistent, so rumors of dismissal of the former Napoli coach were fired from the manager’s chair. This claim was later denied by Agnelli.

“We are very happy with Sarri. Some things have been arranged for the next three years, the strength of the new idea will emerge over time, and this is its priority. The first half of the season has been amazing, we are ranked first in the table and we passed the Champions League group phase. I will evaluate at the end of the season, “he concluded.

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