Become world champion in Formula 2 still not a guarantee to level up to Formula 1

Becoming World Champion in Formula 2 or F2 is not a guarantee for a racer to be able to level up to Formula 1 or F1, according to Mick Schumacher as the son of legendary racer, Michael Schumacher.

For information, Mick performed brilliantly in the F2 event this season, racer Prema is even at the top of the standings with a total of 161 points, he has pocketed so far.

With this number of points, it means that Mick is only 8 points away from Callum Illot who is in the second place, but he continues to have the opportunity to occupy the top three in the final standings.

However, the 21-year-old racer is still trying to think realistically about the final results of the season.

According to him, even though winning the F2 2020 title is not necessarily a guarantee for racing in the F1 arena as long as there is no contract agreement with one of the teams in F1.

“I will continue to do my job, and of course being the champion of F2 continues to be my goal. But even though I won in F2, it doesn’t guarantee me to get a place in F1 before a team recruits me, “said Mick Schumacher, quoted from the RTL website.

However, if you refer to the rules in Formula 2, drivers who become champions may not participate in races again and must move to another racing championship.

In other words, Mich Schumacher has the opportunity to explore his career at a higher level, namely F1.

Mick who is a Ferrari academy racer can join F1 teams like Alfa Romeo and Haas who use Ferrari engines.

Later, he was widely associated with Kimi Raikkonen’s position, as the Finnish racer was reportedly going to retire from the world of Jet Racing.

It’s just that, until now there is still no definite news about Mick’s future, whether he will move up to Formula 1 or other options, if he becomes Formula 2 world champion.

On the one hand, the racer also hasn’t given any hints about his future.

Penulis: | 18 September 2020 | blog