Beckham’s gives a freeway for Messi and Ronaldo

The legend of English football, David Beckham has a big dream concerning the Barcelona and Juventus mega stars, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In his dream, Beckham hopes these two best players of all time want to dock at Inter Miami.

As is known together that Inter Miami is a club owned by Beckham. For the sake of realizing this dream, Beckham is ready to give a freeway or special lane and door to thee two stars.

So far, Inter Miami has continued to expand its wings so that it can become a big world club especially in the United States. The club, which has only been running for one year, is moving forward, including in the stage of building their new stadium.

From all the limitations that exist, Beckham does not want to be pessimistic and hopes that there will be progress in the time. Beckham specifically wants to see Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in Inter Miami uniform in the future.

Ronaldo and Messi themselves still show their quality as the best players of all time even though their age is now entering old age. Beckham also thought that one day they would leave their respective clubs.

Speculation says if there is a possibility Messi or Ronaldo moved to a new club or immediately hang shoes. On that basis, Beckham tried to give a whisper to both players to want to dock at Inter Miami.

Although Beckham realized he would only get the remnants of the quality of Ronaldo or Messi. But, Beckham believes both of them can still contribute on the field or outside the field.

“When you see the way Messi or Ronaldo plays, even though you might think that they are at the end of their career, I don’t see the end of them,” Beckham opened.

“They played at a high level and it was difficult for them to leave the club now. But we will see again later, you know what can happen in the world of football, “concluded Beckham.

Ronaldo and Messi are still shining with their respective clubs, Juventus and Barcelona, even though they are three heads old. But both of them still appear brilliant by being able to show the world, especially specifically for Ronaldo who just helped Juventus qualify for the quarter-finals with a hat trick at Atletico Madrid‘s goal.

“As an organization, club, we started looking for players, and possibilities, which might be obtained. We have a great team here and start uniting everything. But we have to do it quickly, and the remaining time is only one more year, “concluded Beckham.

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