Because of smartphone, David Beckham not allowed to drive for 6 months

One unique event has just arrived, where this incident concerns one of the English football legends, David Beckham. Where the legend must accept a ban on driving a car for six months in England because of simple things.

It is known that this ban came out due to Beckham proven driving a vehicle while using a smartphone. This violation was recorded on November 21, 2018 ago. This incident was reported directly by someone who saw Beckham crossing on Great Portland Street.

The court session itself was held on yesterday, Thursday, 9 May 2019. Previously this hearing was delayed because it was transferred to another court in March. The course of the trial was fairly brief, where the former Manchester United player immediately pleaded guilty.

Recognition was also received a response from Judge Moore who later banned driving for six months. Prosecutor Matthew Spratt said Beckham was photographed by a member of the public when he drove his Bentley “moving slowly” while holding the telephone.

“Instead of looking straight ahead, paying attention to the road, he seemed to be looking at his lap. He (witness) said that the defendant was operating a hand-held device at knee height. At that time a photo was taken. “The defendant holds the cellphone in an upright position,” said the prosecutor.

Beckham came to court not alone, where he was accompanied by his lawyer named Gerrard Tyrrell. In the trial, the lawyer said his client did not know the exact day and date of the incident.

“Don’t remember the day or this particular incident. There is no reason for what happened but his view is because he cannot remember it. He pleaded guilty and that’s what he did, “said Tyrrell.

Interestingly here, when Beckham not only received his own driving ban, but in England there the defendant was also subjected to a mandatory fine of 750 Pounds, where the calculation was in the form of 100 Pounds for prosecution fees and an additional 75 Pounds in the next one week.

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