Because of Mohamed Salah, this boy had a really bloody nose

Football fanatics bring someone ready to do anything, including crazy things that have just been done by a boy named Louis Fowler, who to withstand pain due to bleeding in his nose after crashing into a lamppost, after trying to approach the Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah.

This story begins when Fowler along with his biological brother, Isaac tried to visit the Liverpool squad training headquarters in Melwood on Saturday, 10 August 2019 in the afternoon local time. Their hope was to meet Mohamed Salah, when the Reds players finished training.

Fowler then seemed excited with the moment when Salah’s car came out of the training ground. The action begins, where Fowler chases Salah’s car which drove quite fast while waving in hopes of getting a response back from the Egyptian player.

Bad moments ensued, where Fowler had an accident due to being too focused on Salah and eventually crashing into an electric pole. His nose was bleeding quite a lot, to the point that Fowler was unconscious.

Luckily for Fowler, because Salah was aware of what had happened to him. Salah immediately turned the car around and approached the scene. This action continues Salah’s visit to Fowler’s house not far from the Reds training base.

Trying to appreciate what Fowler had shown, Salah also captured this beautiful moment by taking pictures with Fowler and Isaac. This happy moment can be seen in the Twitter accounts of Fowler’s stepfather, and Isaac, Joe Cooper.

“Mo Salah, I thank you for seeing Fowler and trying to get a greeting back! He loves you very much and the pain disappears when you come to hug them. Surgery for the nose is worth-to-do, he said. You are a top man and a real man! #EgyptianKing.” Joe wrote.

Joe not only told the points of the beautiful meeting, he turned out to tell all those beautiful moments from beginning to end in the Liverpool Echo media. He admitted that Salah had come to ensure Fowler’s condition with hope that it would not be severe.

Joe added that the Salah action was very inspiring, and felt very happy with the attitude of the player who was far from arrogance.

“He realized there was a kid who was hurting himself and he had the decency to drive back to check if he was okay. It was very surprising, there was nothing like that, and everyone was surprised. Mo asked if the children were okay and gave them the hugs they both needed. Their efforts paid off and Louis forgot that he was injured. ”

“This is an extraordinarily classy touch from the figure of Mo and actively comes looking for my children. He really apologized and apologized for something that wasn’t his fault. I just want to thank him. He is a wonderful man, “Joe said to Salah.

Salah is now increasingly crucial for Liverpool, after successfully helping his team win in the inaugural week of 2019-2020 Premier League yesterday, now the former AS Roma player has just presented the 2019 European Super Championship title, by successfully beating Chelsea in a shootout.

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