Because of Coronavirus outbreak, curcuma and red ginger are sold out everywhere!

Apparently, it’s not just a surgical mask whose existence is now rare, because of the worldwide Coronavirus Outbreak phenomenon. Two types of crumbs, curcuma and red ginger are also sold out in the market.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is already a global concern. So far, 2,000 people have died from the virus originating from Wuhan City, China. Not surprisingly, there was panic among the people.

They do not want to be infected with a similar virus, as a result take precautions like using a surgical mask. No doubt, surgical masks on the market were sold out and now become a rare item, the price also soared.

Something similar happened in Indonesia following the emergence of the case of two people who were positively infected by the Corona Virus. But interestingly, in Indonesia not only masks that sold out, but also Curcuma and Red Ginger.

Both types of herbs are believed to increase immunity against Coronavirus, because it can help to increase body temperature. As a result, market demand for curcuma and red ginger suddenly increases.

With high demand, these two spices are now become rare commodities on the market.

“Curcuma does not exist, is empty. Red Ginger also doesn’t have to stay very small,” said one of the traders in Bojong Gede Market, Bogor, West Java.

Just like surgical masks, both of these spices are also sold at very high prices. If normally one kg of Red Ginger valued at IDR 25,000, now the price reaches IDR 80,000 per kg.

The high price is considered reasonable, because the market demand is very high.

“Believe it or not. In the wholesale market it is really big, the center. I asked for how many tons but said no. He is fortunately a lot. The virus is a disease, how come they (the supplier), thank God,” he concluded.

If the red ginger and curcuma may still be considered reasonable, the appropriate form of prevention for people who are still healthy. But the story is different from the surgical mask.

Supposedly, those who wear masks should be those who are sick. The reason, the best way to stop the spread of the virus is by stopping the spread of the sufferer by wearing a mask.

However, the sudden panic effect finally made it difficult for the public to think. Now the WHO is even calling on producers to increase the production of masks, because world medical staff lack such protective equipment.

Penulis: | 4 Maret 2020 | blog