Be the second choice goalkeeper gives Buffon extra motivation

Be the second choice goalkeeper is not something that is disappointing, precisely according to Buffon, it gives him extra motivation, so he can perform better when he gets a chance to play.

As is known, Gianluigi Buffon this season is often reserved, because coach Maurizio Sarri prefers Szczesny to be the main goalkeeper.

In fact, the former Italian national team captain was the Bianconneri’s irreplaceable goalkeeper. Even so, Buffon did not necessarily feel disappointed with that fact.

On the contrary, the living legend feels more motivated when he gets a chance to play.

“I played less this season, so naturally when I entered the field, I was more excited than before,”

“The real secret to achieving top performance is to cut the number of matches you play, many of those games don’t bind your soul, so the games that I play are experienced with extraordinary intensity,”

“Of course, I have also rested well physically, so I am also in good condition,” Buffon told DAZN.

That means, the captain will try to look as much as possible when his team faces Napoli in the Coppa Italia Final tomorrow.

Furthermore, the former AC Parma player spoke about the Italian Serie A title which will resume again starting next weekend.

According to him, the return of football is important for the community in the midst of a difficult period like this.

“I think the return of football is also important for the community, because we all need something after difficult times that can create emotional responses and keep people busy,” Buffon said.

Buffon himself previously served for Juventus in the period 2001 to 2018. Then, he decided to move to Paris Saint-Germain in the 2018/19 season.

It was only in the summer transfer market last year, he decided to return to Juve to start his second period with the Bianconneri.

Before continuing his work in the Italian Serie A, Juventus themselves still have to play the Coppa Italia final against Napoli first.

Whereas in the standings, Maurizio Sarri’s troops are in the top rank with a one point advantage over Lazio.

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