BCL “officially” become a widow, this is Ariel Noah’s response

Bunga Citra Lestari or BCL officially bears the status of ‘widow’ after her beloved husband, Ashraf Sinclair died on Tuesday morning, 18 February 2020 local time. Many commented on this, including the delivery of vocalist Noah, Ariel.

For information, Ashraf Sinclair has breathed his last on this Tuesday morning, February 18, 2020 at MMC Hospital. Allegedly, the death of the actor due to a heart attack. The news of his fairly sudden departure made many parties surprised.

No exception Vocalist Band Noah, Nazriel Ilham or who is familiarly called Ariel. In fact, the singer of the song ‘My love story’ did not expect Bunga Citra Lestari to bears the status of a widow.

The reason is Ashraf Sinclair, the husband of BCL in his eyes is a figure who is young and adopts a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m surprised, we all know that Ashraf still very young, very healthy. Surely surprised, shocked,” said Ariel after Ashraf’s funeral, which took place at the San Diego Hills Cemetery, Tuesday (18/02).

Of course, this news is very heartbreaking for Bunga Citra Lestari. Because the beautiful singer did not get a bad feeling. In fact, the night before her husband died, BCL had become a judge in the Indonesian Idol talent search event.

No wonder the BCL seemed devastated by the death of her husband. Therefore, Ariel intends to entertain his colleague, as well as other musician friends.

“We are friends, Unge and Ashraf also hope that he can get through this, it must be very hard. We as friends can only be finished chatting,” he said.

With Ashraf’s death, Bunga Citra Lestari certainly now bears the status of a widow. Her marriage to the handsome actor from Malaysia has been going on for 11 years. During that period, this couple was almost never hit by slanted gossip.

They were blessed with a son after one year of marriage. The child named Noah Sinclair, 10 years old.

For your information, heart attacks an indeed happen to anyone, even those who have a healthy lifestyle like Ashraf.

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