Bayern Munich coach “falls in love” with Sane’s performances

Bayern Munich with a target and a bigger mission in the upcoming 2019-2020 season must have prepared everything very well, including their preparations which will surely be left behind by Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery.

This certainty forced Munich to immediately find the figure of a new winger in their squad next season. In response to this situation, coach Niko Kovac openly claimed to be interested in recruiting Leroy Sane from Manchester City in the 2019 summer transfer market.

Munich’s process to bring Sane is very complicated, where claims say if the Bundesliga bid is so timid to approach the 23-year-old winger. Munich have expressed their interest in Sane, but sometimes they also seemed pessimistic to be able to bring it.

Sane himself has not given an official statement regarding the current situation. Investigating, Sane already feels that his chances in the Manchester City squad next season are thin. This is because of the intense competition between Bernardo Silva, Raheem Sterling and Riyad Mahrez.

Pep Guardiola as Manchester City coach tends to rotate his players. In this hot situation, Niko Kovac seemed to give the club a hard code that he was so expecting the presence of a player, who could comb the edge of the opponent’s defense and Sane’s name would be appropriate.

“Obviously, we want him to be on our team next season. He can certainly help us. You can see what qualities they have when they are at Manchester City and the German national team,” said Niko Kovac to the reporters.

Sane’s name in the eyes of Munich is not the only players, but they are also eyeing Chelsea wonderkid’s signatures, Callum Higson-Odoi and Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona.

Penulis: | 10 Juli 2019 | blog