Barcelona’s offer for Adrien Rabiot is too small

The young French midfielder, Adrien Rabot, has actually reached an agreement with the Catalan giants, Barcelona, in the summer transfer market as claimed by the captain of Paris Saint-Germain, Antero Henrique. Unfortunately, according to Henrique, the offer submitted by Barcelona for the player is too small and even tends to be ridiculous, so Les Parisiens is reluctant to fulfill the transfer.

Adrien Rabiot, 23, has indeed become the hottest commodity in the edition of the summer transfer market, as he was claimed to have no interest in staying at Paris Saint-Germain. There are a number of European giants who are interested in bringing in this French National Team players, including the Catalan giants, Barcelona. In fact, it was believed that there had been an offer offered by Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for Rabiot, but unfortunately there was no agreement reached.

It was believed to be a mere rumor, but it turned out that the news was true and confirmed by the captain of Paris Saint-Germain, Antero Henrique. In fact, Henrique revealed that Barcelona had reached an agreement with Rabiot, unfortunately the offer submitted by the Catalan giants for the young French seed was too small, and that was what made no agreement reached between these two parties.

Apart from that, Henrique also believes Rabiot does not plan to stay in Paris next season.

“Rabiot had said, we received an offer this summer. That is true, the offer is on August 29, 20 hours before the end of the transfer market. Quite simply, Barcelona must first reach an agreement with Rabiot before we speak. You also have to know that Barcelona’s offer is ridiculous. ”

“We were surprised by the low bid. It’s not polite for players with status like Rabiot. I then emphasized: it was impossible to reach an agreement within 24 hours for players like Rabiot. It seemed clear to me, Barcelona had made a deal with Adrien. I am sure, he has made a deal with another club. Can he leave this winter? He said he didn’t want to survive,” explained Henrique.

Rabiot, who is a graduate of the Paris Saint-Germain academy team, recorded 12 appearances this season and scored two of them.

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