Barcelona’s mistakes for selling Philippe Coutinho

News of the failure of Philippe Coutinho with Barcelona had become viral in various Spanish media, including in world soccer. After undergoing a career for 18 months at Camp Nou, in the end the player moved to Bayern Munich on loan for one season with a permanent purchase option.

Coutinho is one of the players who rocked the club’s transfer stage in January 2018 last season. However, the transfer record was not accompanied by extraordinary performance, which means considered a failure.

Disappointing appearance is what makes the stronghold of Barcelona no longer need his services, and in the end, they are welcome to find a new club. The transfer ensued, and luckily for Coutinho, he was able to move closer to a club that was no less great than Barcelona, namely Bayern Munich.

If we refer to Coutinho’s career, then this road looks pretty good. But if we refer to Barcelona, it might be a bad investment at the end of the season. The following analysis of Barcelona’s mistakes released Coutinho in the transfer market, according to Sportskeeda version.

1. Munchen is the rival of Barca

It is undeniable that Munich is a strong competitor in the Champions League, Barca. For now, Lionel Messi and friends have been fasting for four seasons. Their eternal rivalry on the La Liga stage, Real Madrid is the team that dominates Europe’s biggest event.

The bad thing for Barcelona in the last few seasons is that they failed with an embarrassing record. Then speaking Munich, then they are an unbeaten team on the German Bundesliga stage, and the bad thing is not being able to do much in the European arena.

The loss of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben in the Munich squad is sure to weaken the Munchen attack line. However, the figures of Coutinho and Ivan Perisic are considered to be a good potential for Munich to achieve many achievements this season.

2. Coutinho’s quality has not been lost

Throughout one season, Coutinho did not have a positive impact in the Barcelona game. This situation is not in accordance with such a high transfer value. When with Liverpool, Coutinho managed to get the title as one of the world’s best midfielders.

All began to change when Coutinho moved closer to Camp Nou, he was considered to have lost touch with dribling and the ability to score from distance as he had done in the Premier League stage. It is not uncommon for Coutinho to become an easy target for criticism from Barcelona fans.

Apart from Coutinho’s failure with Barcelona, it is worth remembering that he is a quality player and very talented. This could be a big consideration when Coutinho managed to help Brazil win the Copa America.

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