Barcelona ready to set Lionel Messi’s new contract

Spanish La Liga defending champions, Barcelona seem to be really serious in their efforts to extend the service period of the club’s flagship player, Lionel Messi. The latest news claims that the Catalan giant has begun a movement to offer a new contract to the Argentine mega star.

It is undeniable that the contribution of a Lionel Messi in Barcelona’s success so far has been enormous. Since his debut in 2004, Messi has never left Barcelona. Till today he has recorded a total of 705 appearances in various competitions and bagged 618 goals.

However, Messi is also human, as his age continues to increase, of course, it will affect his performance on the pitch. Messi is currently 32 years old, meaning that in the near future he will retire. And some time later, he often gave the code that he would leave Barcelona before retiring.

Moreover, word got out that Messi had a special clause that allowed him to leave Camp Nou even though there was still a binding contract, provided he was 32 years old. Messi also, some time ago, had expressed an intention to strengthen Newell’s Old Boys once his time with Barcelona ended.

However, it seems that Barcelona are still not ready to lose a Lionel Messi in the near future. Reportedly, Barcelona has made a move to tie Messi with a new contract. Reports from Mundo Deportivo claim that the Catalan Giant has begun contacting Father and Messi’s agent, Jorge Messi to discuss the player’s new contract.

The same report claims that Barcelona will try to reach an agreement with Messi regarding a new contract during the winter break. The hope is that La Pulga can stay at Camp Nou to hang up his boots. Messi himself on the one hand once revealed his plans to continue to stay in Barcelona until retirement.

“I want to compete, perform and continue to fight to reach the target, not just because of the contract. That is why I do not like [the idea of tying him to Barcelona]. But here [Barcelona], I want to live in my whole life, ” said Messi was quoted by Mirror.

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