Barcelona leaked two reasons to repatriate Neymar

The defending champion of Spanish La Liga twice in a row, Barcelona, now are working hard in the plan to repatriate Neymar from Paris Saint Germain in this 2019 summer transfer market. Can be interpreted that the price is high or other options are ready to be met by Barca, as long as the former flagship player can return to Camp Nou.

PSG themselves responded to the Barca’s plan very seriously, it was seen that they immediately set the selling price of Neymar so high. However, the attitude of PSG did not make a fear of Barca who seemed to always try to get a way to get it all done.

Barca’s plan to repatriate the duet Lionel Messi was indeed heard since two weeks ago. According to a trusted source, Neymar regretted his decision to leave Camp Nou. Added, if Neymar regretted because he considered his career only walked in place.

Barca also responded very well, according to them, Neymar is still considered a player who can improve his team’s play next season. Barca continued to be criticized by fans for failing to win the Champions League trophy in recent years, and Neymar is believed to be able to help Barca in realizing all these targets.

The plan is indeed good, but it’s important to know that Barca’s way of returning Neymar is not easy. Two seasons ago, Neymar was released to PSG with a record transfer of 222 million Euros. At the moment, PSG don’t seem to want to lose by being ready to sell the player at a price higher than before.

Investigated, PSG set a selling price of Neymar for 300 million Euros. Barca are indeed a big club with abundant financial strength, but in this case, they don’t want to take too much risk by pouring out super big funds for just one player. On this basis, they try to find other ways to ease the burden.

Continued by a trusted source, Barca plan to offer several players who have a sale price to give to PSG to reduce the selling price of Neymar. Some of the players included Philippe Coutinho, Ousmane Dembele and several other players.

When the plan is going smoothly, it is not impossible for Barca to repatriate Neymar to Camp Nou. The question that is developing now is why Barca so determined to repatriate the captain of the Brazilian national team. So here are the reasons why Barca wants to bring Neymar home this summer.

According to some observers, Barca only have two reasons. Where the first, Barca players have agreed to ask the club to repatriate Neymar. Messi cs claimed to have forgotten all the bad behavior of Neymar and tried to rebuild the chemist who was awake.

The 2016 season was a season where Neymar really hurt many Barca fans and players. Neymar surprisingly decided to leave Barca and moved to PSG. Now all that has been forgotten by itself and the players are ready to welcome Neymar.

Last reason is there are many responses that Neymar can still give a positive touch to the Barca’s game. Trio Messi-Suarez-Neymar (MSN) is one of the best attacking trident ever, on that basis why Barca deserve to fight for Neymar to return to appearing in the 2019-2020 Spanish La Liga.

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