Barcelona finally won big, this is what Coutinho said…

After a series of unsatisfactory results, Barcelona finally managed to reap a landslide result when they faced Osasuna in the Spanish La Liga this morning.

Playing at the Camp Nou, the Catalan giants immediately stepped on the gas from the first minute. Ronald Koeman’s men immediately dominated the match which resulted in two goals each through Martin Braitwaite and Antoine Griezmann.

Meanwhile, in the second half, the hosts scored two additional goals, each scored by Philippe Coutinho in the 57th minute, and the captain Lionel Messi in the 73rd minute.

This big victory seemed to maintain the momentum of the Catalan giants’ awakening after the big win against Dynamo Kiev in the European Champions League.

Apart from the big win, midfielder Philippe Coutinho considers his team’s performance to be appreciated in this match. According to him, Barcelona is getting better in terms of the team and is on the right track.

Indeed, currently Barcelona are still stuck in 7th place in the standings with only 14 points from 9 La Liga matches that have taken place. However, Barca actually still has one game left to play.

As a reference is Atletico Madrid, where Barcelona are still far behind their rivals. But Coutinho thinks the most important thing is the improvement and how the players enjoy their performance.

“We are far behind Atletico, but the season is still very long. We have to fight hard and live it game by game. Little by little, we are getting better,”

“The key is to enjoy playing alone on the pitch, like we did today, and to win games. Because we want to fight for titles, that’s our goal,” Coutinho told Sport.

In fact, the former Liverpool player was also hit by an injury at the start of the season. But now his condition is much better and he even scored a goal in the match against Osasuna yesterday.

“When you are recovering from injury, it must be difficult at first. I tried to get back to the best level to help the team. Today I managed to do that, thanks to a pass from Griezmann, of course.”

“However, most importantly I am happy with the team’s slick performance,” he said.

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