Barca’s presidential candidate, Toni Freixa angered Madrid supporters

A claim that was quite controversial and angered Real Madrid fans was told by one of the candidates for the New President of Barcelona, ​​Toni Freixa. To journalists, he admitted that he was jealous of the referees who often side with Real Madrid.

Actually, what Toni Freixa said was not much different from what another Barcelona presidential candidate, Joan Laporta, had said.

In fact, Laporta, who once served as President of the Catalan Giants, claims that everyone knows that Real Madrid often benefits from VAR.

However, in contrast to Joan Laporta, Toni Freixa used subtle satirical language, in which he admitted he was “jealous” to see the Referee often siding with Real Madrid.

“I envy Real Madrid’s ‘luck’ with the referee,” said Freixa during a long chat with Radio Marca recently.

For information, Toni Freixa and Joan Laporta will be competing for the President’s seat in Barcelona, ​​which is currently vacant after Josep Maria Bartomeu’s resignation some time ago.

More parties are recommending Joan Laporta to sit again in the presidency during her second term. However, all will be answered when the Presidential election is held in March 2021.

While waiting for the election time, while Barcelona will be led by Carles Tusquets who was appointed as interim president after Josep Maria Bartomeu decided to resign last year.

Even so, the candidates for President of Barcelona first confidently provoked the anger of Real Madrid fans. The reason is, they both argue that rival clubs often benefit from referees.

Apart from Real Madrid’s problems, most candidates for President Barcelona have different visions and missions regarding the future and finances of the club.

Toni Freixa himself revealed that he also has his own plans regarding the club’s finances, it’s just that he can’t reveal them for now.

“The situation is caused by a series of circumstances and must be resolved with professional experts who will work to adjust the volume of income and find a formula to restore debt,” he concluded.

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