Barca keep ‘eyeing’ the progress of Willian

The positive aura that Willian continues to show with Chelsea does not seem to be turned away by Barcelona, which is claimed to always wait for the opportunity to be able to hijack the player out of Stamford Bridge, London.

The upcoming 2019 summer transfer is a moment that is deemed right by Barcelona, to be able to persuade Willian to leave London. The Barcelona business is not the first time, where they were listed as throwing an offer to Chelsea in the summer transfer window, but the offer was rejected.

Barcelona’s interest in Willian is not without reason, they assume the figure of the Brazilian-born player can fill the void that exists. Willian’s style and skill are considered to benefit the Barcelona winger’s side in piercing the heart of the opponent’s defense.

The big offer was actually given by Barcelona, but Chelsea refused. The big offer is 55 million Pounds which is considered very profitable for the Blues, if they want to receive the money. Not wanting to give up, Barcelona returned in the winter transfer market with a plus-plus offer, where they offered Malcom plus money as a plan to transfer Willian.

However, for once again Chelsea rejected all the offers because they thought they still needed Willian’s services. The current situation is very favorable for Barcelona, where Willian’s contract with Chelsea leaves another season behind, and that means Barcelona can bid smaller than before.

The chances of Barcelona getting bigger if you hear a regulation that is quite unique at Chelsea, where they refuse to offer a new contract to players who have reached the age of 30-31 years in the remaining 12 months of his contract, and interesting age is the age of Willian now.

There should have been negotiations between Willian and Chelsea, but until now there was no clarity. It is this attitude of silence that is assumed that Chelsea do not want to extend the player’s contract, and this opportunity is a good opportunity for Barcelona.

The situation is increasingly difficult for Chelsea, because they are in the shade of FIFA‘s penalty about the ban on buying new players in the next two transfer seasons. This certainty indicates that Chelsea are not ready to lose many players, including Willian who claimed to be very important.

The worst possibility that Chelsea will face is keeping Willian until his contract expires, and releasing the player with a free clause when all FIFA appeals are rejected. Chelsea do look so anxious, where they must be able to determine the fate of many players’ contracts.


Penulis: | 15 April 2019 | blog