Bankruptcy issues attacked AC Milan

The decline in AC Milan‘s performance on the Serie A stage this season is very clear, amid this slump turns out there is one big news that is not widely known publicly. According to some sources, this big Italian club almost went bankrupt before finally the savior god came in the form of Ivan Gazidis.

Indeed the signs of Milan’s bankruptcy are very visible, the club’s financial instability made owner Silvio Berlusconi decide to sell his majority stake to the public. Entered a big businessman from China, Yonghong Li, then took over the club and immediately injected fresh funds.

In that era, Milan received a donation of 172 million Pounds to bring in 11 players at once. However, the road seemed unlucky as the massive changes did not bring Milan’s success on the domestic or long-distance scene.

Failing to finish in the top four, finally the full shares of Milan now fall to Elliott Management because Yonghong Li is in debt. Shortly after this chaos went on, Milan tried again to step on the gas by surviving. Where Milan makes small purchases to maintain its current financial strength.

Although Milan still spend as much as 167 million Pounds, because they have to buy Krzysztof Piatek and Lucas Paqueta in January. Where all that is not too expensive by bringing back the figure of the most expensive player bought is Rafael Leao, reach 91.8 million Pounds.

Reducing the cost budget here is reasonable, through the submission of Milan officials, Ivan Gazidis revealed the team that is now tasked with getting Milan out of bankruptcy.

“We came with a club that is almost at risk of bankruptcy and could be thrown into Serie B like Parma and Fiorentina. We found a debt that took us out of the championship. We have to face difficulties, it’s undeniable, “Gazidis said.

In the midst of conditions that are not good right now, Gazidis remains confident that he can bring Milan back on the right track, and rise from this downturn. One plan that can lift the dignity of Milan’s big name is to invest in the construction of a new stadium with Inter Milan.

“The road is not good, we must be patient. We will still make mistakes, but we have the determination. We want to make Milan rise again, both in Italy and Europe. “We will continue our journey, we are ambitious, as seen in our desire to build a new stadium, which can provide a new revenue stream and invite new players,” continued Gazidis.

Recently Milan showed a bit of their seriousness by replacing the position of coach previously occupied by Marco Giampaolo now replaced by Stefano Pioli by accepting the duration of the contract two seasons ahead.

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