Bale faces 12-match ban over goal celebration

Gareth Bale was anxious because of the penalty for not playing in 12 matches ready to approach him. The beginning of this news was present when Bale was deemed to have taken a less appropriate attitude at the time of the match Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid.

The match was held at Wanda Metropolitano, Gareth Bale only appeared in the second round to replace Vinicius Junior. The influx of players from Wales had a positive impact, where Bale scored one goal.

Like other players, Bale celebrated his goal with a celebration for Real Madrid fans. This is where the problem comes, because Bale’s celebrations are now under threat of being sanctioned by a ban of playing 12 matches by the FIFF (Spanish Football Federation)

In the celebration, Bale raised his hand by hitting his hand to form a curve. This gesture is considered a lack of ethical culture, and has a bad meaning. In the end, the celebration created many adverse reactions from the public.

Knowing that it was busy, La Liga did not remain silent. In a statement recently released, the organizers of the highest competition in Spain consider Gareth Bale to have a celebration that has provoked provocation.

“Bale’s goal celebration waved his right hand to the head, which is predicted to encourage provocation to the public,” said a La Liga statement on his official website.

Through that statement, La Liga is ready to impose a heavy sentence for Bale. One of the penalties that might be accepted by the Wales national team player is a 12-match ban.

“There are many possibilities for punishment for provocation like this. Actors will be subject to sanctions for a ban of four to 12 matches. If there is hostility in the public, the sanction for performing bans will apply from one to three matches or in a period of one month, “continued La Liga.

In the match itself, Bale did not get a card penalty for the celebration. Interestingly here, it was Atletico who played with 10 people after Thomas Partey got a second yellow card.

Real Madrid itself has not provided further information regarding the threat. It seems they are more focused in preparing for La Liga this weekend. Where they will face Girona at the Santiago Bernabeu on February 17, 2019, at 18:00 WIB.

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