Baby dies after choking on jelly

Watching your baby from the surrounding environment is not only a matter of the threat of falling, or other undesirable things, but also about what our children consume. As happened in the Philippines recently, a baby must die after swallowing whole jelly larger than his throat.

The role of parents is very important, not only in the development of the child, but also what is consumed. Because it is not yet able to distinguish what is allowed to eat and what is not, and how to consume it, a toddler usually without a second thought immediately eat something that is nearby.

Parents may feel safe when seeing their children consume something that can be consumed by the baby, but however they must also pay attention to how to consume these foods. If not, there will be fatal consequences that can occur.

That is what happens to a baby in the Philippines. This 1-year-old baby died after choking on food. The food eaten by the baby boy is jelly from the popular brand Jelly Ayce, reports World of Buzz (11/29). At that time the baby’s parents saw that their child was experiencing shortness of breath. Feeling panicked, both parents of the baby immediately took his child to the hospital to get first aid.

Unfortunately, the child was not saved after being treated for 26 minutes. The doctor explained that the baby’s brain cells were damaged, resulting in a coma, and then died. The baby’s brain cells become damaged after 4-6 minutes because there is no blood flow. Then after about 10 minutes, the cells stop working so that the baby goes into a coma.

After Coma, the baby will experience organ failure, such as hypertension, heart disease, high blood sugar and so on, which then causes death. This event is a strong warning to all parents to be more watchful of their children. The reason this is not the first time negligent parents while looking after their children and children who are still very young.

For information, before this there was also a case of a baby consuming live cockroaches. Fortunately, nothing happened to the baby, but obviously this is not allowed, besides leaving an impression of disgust, it can also be dangerous to the child’s health.

Penulis: | 3 Desember 2019 | blog