Azis Gagap’s plans after retiring from entertainment industry

A big and horrendous decision was taken by the country’s senior comedian, Azis Gagap. The man, whose full name is Muhammad Azis, has decided to retire from the country’s entertainment stage, including from OVJ.

For information, the figure of Azis Gagap is indeed known as one of the characters that must appear on the private television comedy show, Overa Van Java (OVJ). In his role, Azis always plays the character who talks stuttering.

Because of his role, finally he was known as Azis Gagap. He also often appears in a number of other television programs, either as a performer or guest star.

After more than 10 years undergoing a career as a comedian or comedian of the country, Azis Gagap then decided to retire from the entertainment industry. In other words, it is probable that this decision is indeed to retreat completely from the television screen.

So, what are Azis’s plans after retirement? The 46-year-old figure claimed to be focusing on taking care of his boarding school.

“Yes, most often in the cottage, like yesterday I made ponds, planted water spinach, that’s right. I am preparing even though I have to stay at the cottage. Because there are still many responsibilities, “said Azis Stuttering.

In addition, Azis Gagap also claimed to plan to start a business as a trade. But, the specifics have still not been determined.

“If it’s reportedly good, Azis works again, if not, Azis wants to sell chips or something similar,” Azis replied.

Concerning about income, it will not be bigger than work as a comedian in OVJ. Azis admitted, he could say his income in OVJ was huge and the work was not too heavy.

“If you talk about looking for the amount, it’s definitely at OVJ. One, the money is easy, the money is big, the work not heavy. If there is digging what is that right, “he said.

However, Azis claimed that he had no doubts about the fortune given by God. He hopes to gather again with his OVJ colleagues in the future.

“Insyallah. I just ask for prayers from friends hopefully they can gather again. What’s important now is stay healthy and safe first, “concluded Azis Gagap.

Penulis: | 1 April 2020 | blog